Speech Therapy

The Role of a Pediatric Speech Therapist

Young children learn through participation in their everyday activities and meaningful experiences with their family and caregivers. Early Intervention Speech and Language Therapy capitalizes on providing therapy services within the natural environment so that each child will have multiple opportunities to practice communication skills throughout his/her day. Pediatric Speech Therapists in Early Intervention:

  • Provide consultation, modeling and coaching of speech therapy activities within natural environments.
  • Focus on functional communication during the child and family’s natural daily activities and routines such as play, mealtimes, bath and bed time routines.
  • Establish functional and meaningful child communication goals reflecting the family’s priorities and align services with each family’s culture.
  • Provide information, modeling and coaching that promotes the parents’ and/or other caregivers’ abilities to implement communication enhancing strategies during everyday routines, creating increased learning opportunities and participation for the child.
  • Share information and resources about communication activities throughout the child’s day at home and in the community.

(Adapted from American Speech-Language Hearing Association Guidelines for Early Intervention)