What Parents have said

"Katie has been an incredible asset to us and to our son. As parents we worry about our kids, and we applied for Early Intervention perhaps a little earlier than most parents because we wanted to nip any problem there might be in the bud. It's amazing to go back to videos just seven months ago—our son had lots to say but couldn't say it. Katie has been an incredible therapist for both our son and for me and my husband, in terms of giving us the tools our son needed to progress in his language and speech development. Perhaps one of the most important ways Katie practices is how she follows up on our homework every week. It meant we couldn't not practice outside of the 60 minutes we saw her. I think her asking specifically how X went over the course of the week really forced my husband and I to work with our son because we would be held accountable. I think that's so important; I don't think our son would be where he is today—seven or eight months after starting therapy and caught up, and even slightly advanced(?)—if Katie hadn't pushed us during and outside of sessions. On a professional but also personal level, it helped that Katie has her own child around our son's age. She was able to draw from her daughter's experiences to help give us perspective. I'm so impressed with the work Katie has done through Sunrise, it was bittersweet to be discharged. "

I am writing regarding the excellent therapy that was provided to my son by one of your staff members, Katie Stempo.  My son was burdened with ear infections as an infant causing hearing loss until his tubes were placed, as a result he had speech impairments.  We started speech therapy when he was just shy of two.  Katie was our assigned speech therapist and we all fell in love with her by the end of our first session.  She was tremendous with my son and knew exactly what tips and tricks would work with his learning style and wacky 2 year old personality.  He took an instant liking to her and was so excited when I would tell him she was coming to play.  She was never judgemental.  She always gave us useful information to use throughout the week and strategies to get my son talking more.  The best part was, he never knew she was making him work, he always just saw it as play!  Within just a few months, we saw great improvements in my son's speech.  Katie was also flexible with my crazy night shift schedule.  She was dependable and extremely knowledgeable.   In just under 9 months my son was able to be discharged from speech therapy.  It was sad to not have our weekly playdates with Katie, but because of her dedication, knowledge base and ability to teach us all, my son is now thriving and is quite the conversationalist!  Thank you Katie! Katie was always a joy during my son's therapy sessions.  We actually still keep in touch via text to update each other on our children.

"Cindy is not only an exceptionally sweet individual, she is a very knowledgeable Occupational Therapist and has wonderful teaching skills. Her desire to reach out and help to teach all different types of individuals is just a small part of who she is. My son was most fortunate enough to receive first hand support in her expertise and because of this my son, Jacob, is on the road to achieving a full and productive life. Those who have gotten the pleasure to work with not just a professional yet comforting therapist have truly been blessed and are in terrific hands!"

"Cindy Poluka is an exceptional therapist. My shy, introverted daughter was immediately at ease due to her affable and gentle manner. She goes "above and beyond"; she continuously searched for and implemented different techniques of therapy to aid my daughter. Working with children is not only a career for her; it is her passion! She gives children (and parents) skills to help them have a better quality of life!"

"When our son was diagnosed with Failure to Thrive, he was barely eating, losing weight and our next step was a feeding tube. Thankfully, we came to Cindy for O.T.  Cindy taught us creative  methods to introduce food through play. Cindy was always encouraging while teaching us and helping us not to lose hope or patience. I am thankful everyday that Cindy is on our team. Our son is now thriving."